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Level 1 Beginners Kit

Level 1 Beginners Tambour Embroidery Class Kit by Mooshi Couture

$150.00 AUD inc GST

Level 1 Tambour Embroidery Class Kit

Kit with detailed class booklet for Level 1 Beginner Tambour Embroidery Class.

Includes a supply of DMC stranded cotton threads in 7 seven colours and extra fine size 30 cotton crochet thread;

a piece of felt;

two pieces of silk organza;

patterns, tracing paper and project templates;

tambour hooks not included; 

not sold separately.


Purchase this tambour embroidery kit complete with a supply of threads and class notebook for our Level 1 Beginner Tambour Embroidery Class.


♥ detailed 20 page class booklet with instructions, tips, photographs and project templates;

♥ a supply of DMC stranded cotton threads in 7 colours;

♥ a supply of extra fine size 30 crochet cotton thread;

♥ a piece of felt;

♥ two pieces of silk organza.

*The kit does NOT include a tambour hook. Please bring size 90 and size 110 hooks to your class or purchase these from our online shop. Please note, our tambour handles are made in two sizes to fit the following range of hook sizes: size 70-90 hooks and size 100-120 hooks.

Please note, the kit is brought to your class and is not shipped. If you have any questions please contact Olivia. 

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