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Level 1 Beginner Tambour Embroidery Class

Level 1 Tambour Embroidery Class by Mooshi Couture

$370.00 AUD inc GST

Master the Tambour Embroidery Chain Stitch

  • A full day class learning to master chain stitching on fabric;
  • Learn the basic sequence and variations of the tambour embroidery chain stitch;
  • Develop a plan and stitch a tambour embroidery chain stitch design using project templates;
  • Receive guided supervision, tips and advice from an emerging practicing tambour embroidery artist.
  • Kit sold separately.

Learn the technique of crochet de Luneville – the chain stitch embroidery used in haute couture!

In this level 1 class you will master this technique under closely guided supervision to prepare for more advanced tambour embroidery stitches. It’s a full day class of six hours of tuition covering:

  • a brief history of tambour embroidery;
  • health and safety;
  • tambour embroidery tools and frame;
  • setting up your tambour embroidery frame;
  • how to plan and stitch a tambour embroidery chain stitch design;
  • transferring a pattern to sheer and solid fabric for tambour embroidery;
  • understanding your tambour embroidery tool, how to use it correctly;
  • recommended fabrics, threads and hook sizes for tambour embroidery;
  • the chain stitch broken down into sequential steps for directional stitching;
  • variations of the chain stitch including how to change threads, how to avoid the need for knots, stitching around contours and filling an area*; and
  • how to finish your work neatly.

*This class includes additional stitches and techniques in detail not covered in our full day intensive beginner class. It does not include how to apply beads and sequins. This technique is covered in Level 2. Students should complete Level 1 before taking Level 2.

Class Kit

A kit for this Level 1 class must be purchased separately from our online shop. Please order your kit when booking your class. We will bring your kit to the class. The kit does NOT include a tambour hook.

Tambour Hook

We recommend a size 110 point tambour hook for taking this Level 1 class. Please bring a tambour hook with you or purchase one from our online shop.

What to Bring

  • a piece of thread wax
  • a sewing needle
  • sharp embroidery scissors
  • HB pencil and sharpener, a range of coloured pencils
  • fine point permanent markers (black and coloured)
  • polyester sewing thread
  • a note book
  • a small desk lamp and magnifier (if required)
  • pearl head dressmaking pins


To register your place for a class please contact us as soon as possible to reserve a place.

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