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Intensive Beginner Tambour Embroidery Class

Beginner Tambour Embroidery Classes with Mooshi Couture

$370.00 AUD inc GST

Intensive Beginner Tambour Embroidery Class

Register for tambour embroidery classes in Cleveland, Brisbane.

  • Learn foundation techniques in the French haute couture technique tambour embroidery.
  • Full day intensive class to master the basic chain stitch and how to apply beads and sequins.

An Intensive One Day Class!

Learn the French haute couture art of tambour embroidery with emerging Australian artist Olivia Torma in Brisbane.

Olivia is recognised as a talented emerging tambour embroidery artist in Australia. Her tambour embroidery talents have also been recognised by the prestigious British embroidery house Hand & Lock in London who have offered Olivia an internship in their atelier. Olivia is the only tambour embroidery artist in Australia that is available to teach this technique on demand at a time suitable for her students. Her classes are available to emerging and established embroidery enthusiasts, practitioners, and fashion designers.

Please Note: This intensive class is tailored for those who are already familiar with embroidery and framing up fabric on a frame or embroidery hoop. In addition to learning how to ‘lace-up’ fabric for tambour, this class covers the basic chain stitch and how to apply beads and sequins as well as how to transfer a pattern and complete a basic design. We have found that this class is a little fast paced for beginners who need more time to grasp all the techniques in one day. If you feel you may need more guided supervision and a slower paced class, please consider registering for our Level 1 and Level 2 classes. Level 1 targets mastering the basic chain stitch. Level 2 targets mastering the application of beads and sequins using the chain stitch. Each of these classes are one full day of lessons and practice.

What You’ll Learn

In this 6 hour intensive class you’ll learn the following skills:

  • the ‘lacing-up’ method used in tambour embroidery;
  • the basic chain stitch method broken down into sequential steps;
  • attaching beads and sequins using the chain stitch;
  • how to transfer a pattern to fabric for tambour embroidery;
  • how to stitch a basic tambour embroidery design.

You’ll also learn what to consider when designing, planning and executing a tambour embroidery pattern.

What to Bring

To attend the classes, students will need to bring:

  • a tambour embroidery hook (preferably size 90 point);
  • if not purchasing one of our tambour embroidery frames, please bring a frame no larger than 40cm wide and preferably one that has cotton webbing on two side bars. Alternatively, you can bring a deep 9-12″ embroidery hoop. For this class it’s important that the frame or hoop can be easily clamped to the edge of a table using a pair of quick grip clamps (Irwin clamps from Bunnings). Please bring a pair with your. Our recommended clamps can be purchased at BunningsPlease also ensure the tambour embroidery frame is pre-fitted (not stretched) with a piece of plain cream or white silk organza fabric. The lacing up technique used in tambour embroidery will be demonstrated on Olivia’s tambour embroidery frame.
  • a range of polyester threads (Gutermann), beads and sequins to test and explore the challenges and design opportunities with tambour embroidery;
  • items you would normally use for hand embroidery such as small scissors, a tape measure, hand sewing needles, general purpose sewing threads, marking pencils, tracing paper, pens, pencils, eraser, a small table lamp and desktop magnifier or glasses, embroidery tweezers, a notebook.

*Please note, the Beginners Tambour Embroidery Class Kit will be supplied at the class and not shipped. If you are purchasing one of our tambour embroidery frames for the class, we will attach a piece of the silk organza in your kit to your frame. If you are bringing your own tambour embroidery frame, please ensure you have a piece of silk organza attached to the frame prior to attending the class. The fabric does not need to be stretched or laced up, just hand sewn to the two side bars that have the strips of fabric attached. Please make sure the grain line of the fabric is straight when attaching it to your frame. We will cover lacing up and stretching the fabric on a tambour embroidery frame in the class. If you have any questions please contact Olivia.

Class Lessons

Please download the class schedule by clicking the link below.

Full Day Tambour Embroidery Class Schedule

Class Cost per Person

$370.00 inc gst

A 50% deposit is payable upfront to secure your booking.

Class Kits

The Beginners Tambour Beading Kit must be ordered at the time of booking. This kit is supplied at the class and is not shipped. 


Once a booking is confirmed invoices will be emailed for the deposit and the balance payable in full before the class.


To book and secure your place on an advertised class, please contact us as soon as possible as places are limited.

Rest and Meals

Please refer to the downloadable class schedule above for the rest times. Students can bring their own light meals and refreshments or visit nearby food outlets. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.