Beginner Tambour Embroidery Intensive - Stage 2

Beginner Tambour Embroidery Intensive - Stage 2

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Beading with Chain Stitch Embroidery

This intensive beginner class teaches how to apply beads and sequins to fabric using chain stitch embroidery. It is our Stage 2 Beginner Tambour Embroidery Intensive Class for learning crochet de Luneville.


The aim of this class is to introduce the student to chain stitch embroidery with beads and sequins. In France this technique is used in haute couture and is known as crochet de Luneville.

Online tutorials that teach tambour embroidery are hard to learn independently because you really do need someone to teach you the most subtle skills that online learning doesn't provide.

Tambour embroidery with beads and sequins demands attention to detail and developing a feel for the movement and tension required to achieve accuracy and  pace. This class will teach you those skills so that you can create embellished embroidery using crochet de Luneville.  

What you will learn:

In this intensive beginner class you will learn:

  • the difference between Indian Aari tambour embroidery and crochet de Luneville;
  • preparing to work with beads and sequins;
  • how to work with (handle) beads and sequins when stitching crochet de Luneville;
  • understanding the art of placing and stitching beads and sequins on a pattern;
  • stitch variations when working with beads and sequins;
  • stitching a basic tambour embroidery pattern with beads and sequins.

The skills learned in this class will enable the student to learn more advanced crochet de Luneville techniques to create three dimensional embellished surface designs.


  • 3 hours


A class kit with detailed instructions and notes, patterns and essential supplies must be purchased separately. This kit is purchased with the Stage 1 Class. Please bring your tambour embroidery hook or a variety of hook sizes to your class.


We sell handmade tambour embroidery frames for our classes. If you already have one that can be clamped to the edge of a table, please bring it to the class. We recommend using Irwin Quick Grip clamps available from Bunnings.

We do not recommend bringing a large frame or floor standing frame due to health and safety concerns during class.

If you would like to buy one of our tambour embroidery frames, please let us know and we will make one for you. 


To book a class, please contact us with your preferred dates. A 50% deposit is required within 7 days of booking. Balance is payable the day before your class. 

If you have any questions please contact us.