We Respect Your Privacy

We respect your privacy and will not share your personal information with other users or on-sell it for commercial purposes.

We only collect personal information related to communicating with users who subscribe to the Mooshi Couture web site, subscribe to our newsletters or make a commercial transaction online through the Mooshi Couture online boutique. This information includes the name, address, telephone number, postal address, email address and a web site address. Any personal information collected through the use of Mooshi Couture's web site is collected only for the purposes of conducting an online business and communication in accordance with Australian privacy laws and with respect to the GDPR Laws of the European Union introduced in May 2018.

All transactions made online are transmitted securely via a proprietary SSL Certificate. Secure pages will have HTTPS in the URL address.

If you have any concerns over Mooshi Couture's handling of your private information, please contact us.