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News from Mooshi Couture

Tambour Embroidery Testimonials from Mooshi Couture Students


Hoping all is well with you in your part of the world!

It’s been a busy time for Mooshi Couture over the past few weeks. In February we held our first new level 1 tambour embroidery class and taught our regular student Nicky the chain stitch technique called Point de Beauvais.

Point de Beauvais is a form of crochet de Luneville but without the beads and sequins. The stitch integrates different coloured threads into a pattern, much like needle painting embroidery. Nicky learned the technical aspects of this form of embroidery so she can make beautiful hand embroidered dolls clothes. I can’t wait to see her work! Here’s her testimonial from our Facebook page.

And here’s Nicky learning the technique in class.

A student of Mooshi Couture's new Level 1 Tambour Embroidery classAt the beginning of March we held our first intensive tambour embroidery class for 2018. This class teaches the basic chain stitch and how to apply beads and sequins. Hannah is our youngest student to take our class and grasped the technique with ease. She is a keen sewer and hand embroiderer. We were very impressed with her abilities. Hannah is definitely a young talented artist to look out for! Here’s Hannah’s review of the day.



Here’s Hannah working on the tambour embroidery frame.

One of the students of Mooshi Couture's Tambour Embroidery Classes

If you’re in Australia and want to learn this technique take a look at our classes and testimonials. Visit Learn for more information. Our Brisbane venue is available for a class on 17 March, 7 April, 21 April, and 5 May. We can also arrange a class at other times of the week subject to venue availability. Register as soon as possible and tell us which class you would like to attend on your preferred date or dates. Classes advertised are subject to demand and allocated to a particular date upon confirmation of registrations. If you have any questions please contact us or leave a comment on this page. We’d be happy to assist you.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to Nicky and Hannah for allowing us to publish photos of you. We appreciate it!


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Hi...I'm Olivia! Welcome to Mooshi Couture - Vintage Inspired Couture and Hand Embroidered apparel. I design and make one-of-a-kind vintage inspired and vintage reproduction couture apparel. I also teach tambour embroidery. My talent has been recognised by Hand & Lock in London who have offered me an internship in their atelier. Contact me to inquire about my couture services and tambour embroidery classes!

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