Welcome to Mooshi Couture!

A very warm vintage inspired welcome from Mooshi Couture!

Olivia Torma of Mooshi Couture


Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in what I do! I'm Olivia Torma, founder, designer, maker, curator for truly beautiful and unique handmade vintage inspired couture.

Mooshi Couture is not just another one of those handmade designer labels. It‘s a label that reflects my values as an individual with a social conscience, dedicated to fulfilling a purpose on this earth with the talents I behold.

I’m a maker who appreciates the process of traditional and authentic craftsmanship, original bespoke design, hand stitched finishes and a meticulous attention to detail. Every stitch I make is made with loving intention.

Olivia Torma of Mooshi Couture

My inspiration is vintage fashion and costume designs of bygone eras. I also love the slow art of couture sewing and haute couture embroidery. My greatest pleasure is immersing myself in the design and hand making process to create something that is truly unique for my clients who appreciate and value the skill, dedication and practice of handmade couture. 

I hope you love what I do.

Olivia Torma of Mooshi Couture




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